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How does proxy server work

We offer our own U.S.A. Proxies and Paid Proxy List

U.S.A Premium Proxy


USA Proxy
  • States: New Jersey, New York
  • IP Addresses: 1-9
  • From $4.91 for 30 days

3 proxy IP - $4.91

5 proxy IP - $6.50

9 proxy IP - $8.99

We own these U.S. proxy servers so speed and stability is guaranteed.

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Paid Proxy List

Tariff NotesExtended version of public proxy list

  • IP locations: Worldwide
  • IP Addresses: up to ~8000
  • $4.17 for 30 days (with max. discount)

1 month - $4.9

2 months - $8.82 (discount 10%)

3 months - $12.5 (discount 15% - $4.17 for momth)

Please note that we don't own these proxies. You use all Information about these proxies at your own risk.

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We Accept

All purchases are one time payments, which means you will not be automatically charged on a monthly basis. When your account will be close to be expired we will inform you about it by email. And then it will be completely your decision: to pay for the next period or not to pay, or to pay when you will need our services once again (in a week, in a month, in a year, etc).
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