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USA Proxy

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USA Proxy Tariff Plan


Tariff NotesHighly Anonymous proxy + SOCKS5 proxy

  • IP Addresses: 3
  • Ports: 2 (one for HTTP proxy and one for SOCKS5)
  • Location: Missouri (MO), Pennsylvania (PA)
  • $4.99 for 30 days of service

You can use our IP addresses in both ways as mentioned above - as an ordinary (HTTP) proxy and as SOCKS5 proxy. For this purpose you will be provided with two different ports. Together with the first port our IPs will work as HTTP proxy, together with the second one our IPs will work as SOCKS5 proxies.

We Accept

All purchases are one time payments, which means you will not be automatically charged on a monthly basis. When your account will be close to be expired we will inform you about it by email. And then it will be completely your decision: to pay for the next period or not to pay, or to pay when you will need our services once again (in a week, in a month, in a year, etc).